Mummy’s Got a Poorly is now a go!

Mummy’s Got a Poorly is now a go, written by the amazing Sarah West with the help of her 2 children. Sarah goes on to explain “When I was first diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at 34 I found it really hard to talk to my two young girls and explain it all to them. I couldn’t find any books that were suitable for their age group. Personally I chose not to use the C word because I think it’s such a scary word. There’s always someone that knows someone and I was worried they’d hear other peoples stores from friends at school and become anxious about it. This book pretty much explains it in the way I explained it to them and they’ve been brilliant throughout the treatment so far. So as part of my journey I wanted to help others in the same or similar situation and using my teaching skills from my career as a primary school teacher I thought Id have a go at writing a simple book to support others in a similar situation. I hope you find it useful and informative. Sarah and her children have supported by the Trust with an Ozzy, activity and our colouring books. Sarah adds I first told about The Osborne Trust by my breast care nurse in the early days. I instantly connected with Emma’s story and when the girls each received an Ozzy teddy, cinema voucher and colouring book, the joy on their faces when the parcel arrived was priceless. We were so grateful. Since then my love and respect for Emma, with her dedication to the Osborne Trust, has grown so much and I feel compelled to support such a wonderfully charity, helping families through the most difficult of times.
2,000 copies of the book have been sponsored and printed by Greenray & Ruddocks and are available to purchase at the cost of £4, with all profit benefiting the Trust to continue supporting children during a parents cancer. The book will be coming to the website shop very soon. Emma Osborne our founder would like to thank Sarah for all her hard work in getting the book printed and available to benefit families going through a serious illness. Sarah’s fundraising for the Trust doesn’t stop there, throughout December Sarah will be wearing a different Xmas hat each day to raise funds for us as well as having a stall at her schools Xmas fayre selling Trust branded items and her book. Sarah’s friend has created a Do One Doris Xmas bauble with a percentage of each sale donated to the Trust as Sarah calls her cancer Doris after the storm that hit this year. Sarah’s motivation is inspiring especially around her treatment and being a Mum.