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I got breast cancer 2 months before I turned 37. I am now approaching 40, on Jan 23rd I have 9 months to my 40th.When you get diagnosed with breast cancer all you think about is living and your family. When you finish treatment you think everything goes back to how it once was! It doesn't!! You change, how you view yourself changes and you lose a bit of you! For the next 9 months, in the run up to my 40th, I am getting Emma back! I loved shopping and fashion before my diagnosis, but since my mastectomy at 36 I buy clothes as a means to an end. I hate the way my implant looks, I hate the pain it gives me, I hate the fact I have to cover up (even holidaying in Ibiza), I hate looking down at my non-existent cleavage, I hate this new me forced upon me by the bloody cancer! I set up The Osborne Trust to raise much needed funds to support children whose parents are undergoing cancer treatment. My kids were 7 and 4 when I was diagnosed and there was nothing out there to support them. Once I was in remission I worked at getting the Trust off the ground. We (my boys and I) created The Osborne Trust logo. We picked our favourite colours Pink, Blue & Green and they drew the faces in the O, apparently me in my beanies when I lost my hair to chemo! So my 9 months challenge is this,to reclaim ME in the run up to 40 and fall in love with fashion and ME again. Every day for the next 9 months I have to wear something pink blue or green and record it daily. This will be on our Instagram, Facebook & Twitter pages every day. All I ask of you is to help me, support my 9 months of finding something blue, green or pink to wear by donating to the cause.

As one of my oldest friends put it I will be (OS) borne again at 40!!

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