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The Trust

The Trust was launched in 2014 by Emma Osborne after her cancer diagnosis aged 36 years. The Trust was started from the families own experience of how they dealt with the situation, what worked and what they found lacking in terms of family support. Emma’s 2 children’s (aged 7 and 4 when Mum was diagnosed) experiences are the driving force of the Trust’s work. The Trust provides children aged 16 years and under whose parent/s have cancer access to recreational activities during a parent/s treatment by funding up to 3 activities such as a cinema trip, play centre visit or a meal out. Activities are supervised by an adult family member or friend. The aim is to offer the parent/s some rest and the children some time away from all that cancer entails. “The Osborne Trust is definitely meeting a gap in support that isn’t provide elsewhere.

Ozzy the Elephant is our mascot, our lovely stuffed elephant. Calling our elephant Ozzy was a natural fit from our name. We provide an Ozzy in pink or grey to girls and boys referred to us at the Trust. Our aim is for Ozzy to offer some comfort to the children during this time and through Ozzy show them the Trust ‘Never Forgets’. A cancer diagnosis for a parent affects the whole family.

We run a number of fundraisers across the year and we are always looking for people to fundraise for us. If you are able to fundraise then please message us via our Facebook page. What’s unique about us it we have no overheads, so every £1 raised goes fully to the Trust to where it matters most the families.

What are people saying about us... This charity has had a positive impact on us and I’m sure the lives of other cancer sufferers with young children and I only wish I’d found about the Trust earlier” Mum to 3 children aged 6 years and under, diagnosed with cancer in 2014. “A fantastic charity, my 4 children had a wonderful time at the cinema whilst I was having treatment.” Mum to 4 children aged 12 and under, diagnosed with cancer in 2014. “The Osborne Trust enabled my children to go to the cinema whilst I was in hospital to take their mind of stuff, the first time my child has been! I got back from hospital to be told all about popcorn in a little box, a massive telly and a big red seat! Words can’t express how happy I was to hear all about their visit.” Mum to a 4 year old, diagnosed with cancer in 2014.

The Osborne Trust is a registered charity no: 1160073

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